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This explosive action platform game has you controlling plenty of parodies of action movie heroes

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Broforce is a side-scrolling action game that takes many cues from the games and movies of the 1980s. In both form and function, it's a throwback to an older era of gaming. For fans of indie games, it's a must-play.

Broforce is glorious stupid, in the best possible ways. There's a plot, somewhere, but it doesn't matter. What does matter, though, is unlocking all of the various movie-inspired Bros and fighting your way through fully destructible maps full of faceless goons. This is not a game about moral choice or answering the big questions. This is a game about having Chuck Norris and Mister T team up to blow up bad guys.

If you can get past the silly exterior, there's some interesting work going on here. While the game's a clear Contra clone, its take on the genre is just novel enough to be fun. You can blow up just about anything in the game, so your approach to each level really depends on how you want things to play out. There are few things more satisfying than collapsing a mine on a horde of enemies, and taking new approaches can help you to beat levels that look otherwise impossible.

On the downside, Broforce is all style and no substance. It's a short game and one that probably won't stick with you for long. There's no real story and no real characters. Everything is about the joke, and that joke can wear thin. Once that happens, you'll probably never pick up the controller again.

Broforce is a short, absurd game that's sure to appeal to fans of action movies and old school games. There's no real depth there, but that's fine. Sometimes, a video game is just a video game.


Silly, 80s inspired fun

Destructible environments

Spectacular humor


No depth to speak of

Somewhat odd controls

No real story

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